My name is John Ethier. I am a writer living in Minneapolis. I should say I live in Saint Paul, but no one has ever heard of that city. Of course that’s not really true … it’s the capitol city, after all. But Minneapolis is just so much more identifiable. It’s where Prince was from, after all … although he actually lived in Chanhassen for most of his adult life.

I used to live in Minneapolis. I spent the last decade living there. Many people from Minneapolis think of Saint Paul as a suburb of Minneapolis; a place to go when Minneapolis becomes too interesting or exciting.

I grew up in Saint Paul, which is maybe why I ended up back here. I began writing about twenty years ago. I wrote essays, short stories, fiction, satire, you name it. I even had a crazy idea that I might attempt to write a novel one day.

Well … that day has arrived. About a week ago, I completed writing my first novel: The Little Red Boat.

It is currently in the hands of my editor (I always wanted to be able to say that) and should be ready to publish in a month or two. Which brings us to this blog.

I wanted a way to let people know who I am; to give people a glimpse inside, before I ask them to read my work. I’m not sure exactly what will end up here; perhaps some personal stories, maybe some of my short fiction … most-likely a mix of both. Regardless of what finds its way onto this blog, it will be another way for me to share something about myself.

Welcome to all of you and thank you for accompanying me on this journey.